In a modern fitness culture largely centred around gym life, it’s easy to forget that getting fit doesn’t always mean spending countless hours indoors pumping iron or pounding away on the treadmill. With just a little creativity, you can turn the outdoors into a proverbial playground of fitness—one no less inferior than a traditional indoor gym. In fact, outdoor exercise comes with a myriad of benefits for your mental and physical well-being that cannot be achieved to the same degree through indoor training.

Whether you’re a fitness junkie or simply looking to be a little more active, you shouldn’t be afraid to incorporate some outside time into your exercise routine. And if you are still weighing up the benefits of indoor exercise vs outdoor exercise, read on for all the convincing you need to hit the outdoors for your next workout session!

#1 It Boosts Your Mood

If you’ve ever noticed that you’re in a cheery mood on bright, sunny days, it’s no mere coincidence. Direct sunlight and fresh air are proven to do wonders for raising your energy levels and lifting your spirits, meaning that you are likely to feel less tired working out outdoors than when doing the same routine in the gym! Combined with the effects of endorphins, or feel-good hormones, released during exercise, taking your training to the outdoors is a surefire way to make you happier.

#2 It Challenges Your Body and Mind

At the gym, you are in a controlled environment where there is relatively little room for variability. As long as you are using the same set of machines and equipment, you will always know what to expect. With outdoor exercise, you are exposed to the natural environment where you may encounter all sorts of different terrain and resistance. This challenges your body and mind to work harder as it adapts to an ever-changing outdoor environment.

#3 It’s Low in Cost

Save big bucks on gym membership bills and get into shape with minimal cost. Many outdoor exercises like walking, running, or hiking can be done for free, while others require just lightweight equipment like an exercise mat, a jumping rope, or resistance bands. With a relatively small financial commitment, outdoor training is accessible to everyone.

#4 You Won’t Get Bored Easily

Do you get bored easily by the same old routine at the gym? Workout out can feel like a chore when you’re stuck indoors doing the same monotonous exercises in the same place. Outdoor training offers a change of scenery that will keep you stimulated and engaged, making the time pass by a lot quicker. Not only that, but the beautiful surroundings will also give you the extra motivation you need to commit to the process until the very end!

#5 It Helps You Connect with Nature

The psychological benefits of spending time with Mother Nature are well-known, and outdoor exercise provides just the perfect opportunity for some quality time away from the concrete jungle. Whether it’s walking along the beach or hiking in nature, proximity to nature is like a soothing balm for your frazzled nerves, helping you relax and declutter, and offering mental relief.

#6 It’s Enjoyable for All

The gym can be an intimidating place for many people - with all the fancy equipment and buff, sweaty bodies walking around. And others simply don’t find doing repetitive sets to be mentally engaging. One of the benefits of outdoor exercise is that it opens up a whole new world of exercise ideas to suit your preferences. If walking or hiking in nature does not excite you, you can try riding a bike, going for a swim, playing frisbee, etc. With endless options, you are bound to find an outdoor exercise that you will genuinely enjoy and are more likely to stick with!

How to Prepare for Working Out Outdoors

Before you jump straight into a new outdoor fitness regimen, it is important to bear in mind that transitioning from indoor to outdoor exercise takes a bit of adjustment. You will have to get used to variable weather conditions, navigating tougher terrain, etc. Make sure to apply ample sunscreen to protect your skin from damaging UV rays and bring plenty of water to stay hydrated. Wearing the proper attire is also key to getting the most out of your outdoor training and preventing injuries. You want something that will keep you comfortable and dry during sweaty outdoor workouts.

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