Hong Kong is one of the most unique and amazing cities in the world. It’s a fast-paced metropolis that fuses nature with city life in a way that few other places can.

That’s why if you live in HK and lead and live an active lifestyle, you need to make sure you are wearing the right activewear and sportswear. You need an outfit that feels great, looks amazing, and inspires you to always give yourself the absolute best.

This is exactly why we started HAKA Active.

Launched and based in HK, HAKA is designed by the strong women who wear them. Our mission is to help you create a healthy lifestyle and to inspire more people to be healthy, happy, and active.

Here are 3 reasons why HAKA is the perfect activewear and sportswear for anyone living in Hong Kong.

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Reason #1 - Hong Kong moves FAST

Even if you’ve only lived in HK for a single day, you know that it can feel like everything here moves faster than the speed of light. There is always so much going on, and whether it’s Saturday hikes, Sunday brunch, or the never-ending hustle and bustle on the streets, this is truly a city that never sleeps.

HAKA activewear inspires you to be the best version of yourself, so no matter how fast the world is moving around you, you’ll  always feel strong, mature, and playful at heart. We know the importance of feeling grounded and living perfectly in the moment, and our clothes perfectly complement that lifestyle.

Perfect for the woman who wants to win and achieve her dreams, all of our pieces are imbued with our signature ‘spear’ logo to embody the HAKA the strong, discreet, warrior of life. This logo reinforces our mission to inspire women with the HAKA spirit, which is the embodiment of strength and courage, so you can face every challenge life throws at you with relentless determination.

Reason #2 - Hong Kong is very fashionable

Most HK activewear looks the same  - underwhelming and uninspired.

This is a stark contrast to the essence of Hong Kong - a city that is colourful, vibrant, and filled with unlimited potential.

Shouldn’t your activewear match that fierce spirit?

What’s more, HAKA is inspired by a Maori ceremonial dance and the beautiful nature that surrounds us and grounds us. Our activewear boasts a unique selection of creative colourways, so you can always find sportswear that inspires you to keep achieving.

Our sportswear also features beautiful sheens, and the designs feature strong characteristics through geometric lines that will follow the natural silhouette of your body. So you can move with a stronger confidence and rhythm.

This will ensure that you are always looking, and most importantly, feeling, your best. No matter if you are going to yoga class, hiking Lion’s rock, or meeting friends for drinks on the beach, HAKA activewear is the best choice for your active lifestyle in Hong Kong!

best active wear hong kong

Reason #3 - HK weather can be oh so hot

If you have lived in Hong Kong through the months of June - September, you know this city can get so incredibly hot!

The high heat and humidity here means it’s crucial that your outfits function right, fit perfect, and feel divine.

That’s why all of our HAKA activewear and sportswear is made with premium materials that are extremely durable and incredibly comfortable. This means materials that are light, supportive, and extremely breathable, which will give you unparalleled function and movement. Also, many of our outfits come with removable pads and adjustable straps that are designed to lift and sculpture your natural body curves.

How do we know that our activewear and sportswear is the perfect fit? Because here at HAKA, every article of clothing that we design is designed, tested, and tried by the amazing women on our HAKA team. Fight the HK heat today with one of our signature outfits!

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Our sportswear collection is perfect for your active lifestyle here in Hong Kong. We offer a wide range of stylish collections, including bras, tops, leggings, jackets, and tanks.

You can also browse our signature HAKA collections, which includes collections such as ‘Floating Dream, ‘Universal Revolution and our new ECO-Friendly line of clothes which are made from recycled materials.

Take inspiration from the world around you with HK activewear from HAKA

With the help of our HAKA line of clothing, you can have the strength and courage to face every challenge with determination.

To enhance your lifestyle and to give the best to yourself, shop our line of collections today, and enjoy worldwide delivery, plus free shipping across Asia.