Working out at home is a killer way to get fit for a multitude of reasons—it saves time, costs a fraction of what you’d spend on gym memberships, and there’s no one else around to make you feel self-conscious. Perhaps the only catch is that you have to find a way to be disciplined and stay on top of training in spite of the endless distractions in your immediate vicinity.

One simple yet sure-fire method to rev up your motivation to get moving at home is to put on workout clothes that make you look and feel great! We understand that it can be tempting to stay in your old T-shirt and sweatpants when you’re in the comfort and privacy of your home, but changing into some high-quality casual sportswear can truly do wonders for lifting your mood and enhancing your performance. So, where does one begin with putting together the right outfit? If you’re struggling with what to wear for your home exercise, check out our guide to the best workout clothes for women for every kind of home workout!

Cardio: Comfortable & Loose

Whether you’re on an elliptical machine, a treadmill, or a stationary bike, the best cardio workout clothes to wear for women and men alike should be comfortable and somewhat loose-fitting—though not baggy. Not only will that help you move more comfortably, but it will also allow your body heat to escape, keeping you cool as you ramp up your heart rate and burn through those calories. If you’re looking for the best women’s gym tops to wear during your cardio sessions, HAKA Active boasts a variety of loose-fitted tank tops in its casual wear range that are designed to be breathable with stylish and airy silhouettes that will help you beat the heat! Complete the look with a pair of well-fitted shorts or cropped Capri leggings that hit right at the shins, so there’s no chance of them interfering with your workout!

Yoga: Flexible & Form-Fitting

Requiring little more equipment than a cushy mat, yoga is one of the most accessible and popular forms of home exercise. However, wearing the right workout outfit can make a huge difference when it comes to doing yoga. As any yogi would tell you, floppy, loose clothing is a big no-no, as they tend to hang over your head and get in the way of your yoga movements. Instead, you want to choose casual workout clothes that are form-fitting yet highly flexible so that you can stretch and bend into any pose without feeling restricted. Try a comfy sports bra top, such as those from HAKA Active, which come in a host of colours and ultra-sleek cuts, matched with breathable and stretchy yoga pants. If you prefer a bit more coverage, you can also opt for a fitted tank top. Check out some of the best yoga workout tank tops for women on HAKA Active’s site!

Weight Training: Lightweight & Thin  

Save the bulky stuff for the weights, and keep your workout outfits lightweight and thin when you are doing any kind of weight training. The point is to remove any cumbersome bulk from your clothing that might get snagged on your equipment and hinder you from your movements. Moreover, keeping your workout clothes light will also help when you’re checking your form to ensure that you’re doing each exercise correctly.

Opt for a supportive sports bra or crop top that hugs nicely at the waist, such as HAKA Active’s casual CROSS tee, which features a simple and chic criss-cross design at the front. Pair with some flexible leggings made from moisture-wicking fabric to help get the sweat off your body. If you need to keep warm on breaks during your workout, throwing on a casual sportswear jacket or workout hoodie like the REREKE hoodies from HAKA Active’s casual wear collection is your best bet.

Level Up Your At-Home Workout Looks with HAKA Active

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