A sports bra is more often than not always hidden under your clothes, so it doesn’t matter what it looks like, right? This definitely isn’t the case anymore. Especially when it comes to fashion-forward sports bras. These days, sports bras come with lovely floral patterns or asymmetrical straps that are just too good to hide away. 

But you need to do this carefully. Otherwise, the entire look ends up not as tasteful as you would like. So, whether you’re planning to show off your sports bra or want to find a stylish bra top to dress up your leggings, here’s how to do it with style and confidence, no matter the occasion.

1.Go Bold with Sheer

No matter how much you tug or pull at your sheer top, it just won’t hide your sports bra as well as you think. So, be bold in your choices and stop trying. Choose a bra in a bright color that goes with the rest of your outfit and show off your sense of style. 

2. Dress Up Your Bra Top

A bra top takes it a step further and bypasses the whole worry about matching or hiding your bra. This type of top is just what it sounds like. The fabric at the top is shaped and fits like a bra and eliminates the whole worry about your bra showing altogether while showing off the flattering straps on the back! To dress up your bra top you can pair it up with a pair of wet-look leggings or leggings with intricate cut-outs at the side.

3.Try Matching Styles 

You don’t always have to match the colors of your outfit and sports bra precisely. Instead, try matching the styles instead. This means you can wear a yoga bra with a sporty tennis skirt or make your outfit pop with a vibrant colored bra and layer it with a sheer top (see tip 1). Be bold and creative, it’s just clothes after all, and if you get it wrong, you can just try again next time. 

4.Don’t Forget the Straps

A lot of sports bras have beautiful or even interesting straps. Whether they are asymmetrical or feature a strappy open-back, you can totally it by themselves or layer them with open-back tank tops that show off the straps! Sometimes, there’s nothing sexier than covering up the front and showing off your back. And you can make the rear view even better with a strappy, intricate bra that adds even more interest to your pretty top.

5.Monochromatic Look 

This is a trick that some of the most famous fashionistas in the world use. When you’re wearing a casual dress or a sheer top, find a sports bra that matches the color. This gives your overall look a more cohesive element making everything look intentional and put together. 

6.Smooth Out the Back 

If you’re wearing a backless dress or top and don’t want to distract with intricate straps at the back, then wear a bra that fastens at the sides or front. This will give you a smooth bra band at the back that looks like it’s part of your dress.  

7.Don’t Forget the Sides 

Do you wear tank tops with low-cut sides? Did you know that you’re probably showing off your bra every time you swing your arms to walk? Take advantage of the peekaboo show. Wear a bold colored sports bra underneath, so everyone knows that you’re showing it on purpose, and strut your stuff with confidence. 

8.Look for Top Details 

If you’re wearing a low-cut top, you can make accentuate the neckline by wearing a sports bra with detail around the front. Then, just position it so that the detailing peeks out and adds even more interest to your outfit. 

9. Wear a Bra Under a Blazer 

This is for the more adventurous fashionistas among you. Choose a sports bra that’s boldly colored or features interesting straps. Then just wear it underneath a loose blazer as a shirt. It’s not the right kind of look for work or a formal occasion of course, but in the right situation and with the right attitude, it’s a look that oozes confidence. 


The Takeaway 

Whether you’re wearing your favorite sports bra you always wear to yoga or one that is outside of your comfort zone, you can definitely make it part of your outfit to add some extra flair and style. But no matter what you decide to pair your sports bra with, don’t forget to have fun!