Once upon a time when gyms were more accessible, leggings for sports seemed to be the wardrobe staple only for the more active ones. With the work-from-home trend becoming the new normal, activewear is gaining popularity as an epitome of comfort. From high-impact exercises to running errands or simply lounging, workout leggings for women could be your go-to clothing item to conquer every daily adventure.

Here are some tips when it comes to picking the best workout leggings for women:

Length and Size Fit

The very first thing to look for is a length that truly fits your natural body silhouette. The most common lengths of leggings for sports are:

  • Full-length: leggings that cover the whole leg up - less revealing and more protective for outdoor workouts like hiking to avoid scratching and skin injury
  • Capri or cropped: typically cut off above the ankle or extend to mid-calf. They allow you to move more freely, especially in those warmer months.
  • ⅞ Leggings or ankle-length: a cut that stops just short of the ankle. Midway between the above two styles, these leggings are known to be the ideal choice combining both functionality and fashion.

One of the golden rules is that: runners’ leggings should always be tight. A compressive pair is a must-have workout leggings for women who are into sprints. Since you are moving fast, there is a higher chance for the leggings to slip down your waist along with your movement. The tightness also offers pressure on the legs to help your blood flow and support your muscle with extra warmth.


For most workout scenarios, opt for synthetic fibres like spandex, polyester, or polyamide instead of cotton. They are perfect for wicking away sweats to help keep you dry. They also have better shape retention and durability. For indoor studio workouts, wear matte and lightweight yoga pants for less friction and more flexibility. Try on a shiny and smooth pair to reduce chafing in intensive workouts.

Another thing is to be mindful of is your climate. Heavier and thicker materials are favourable for chilly weather. Temperature regulating materials like fleece or woven fabric can offer the benefit of added warmth. To keep you from overheating in a climate as hot and humid as Hong Kong, the best workout leggings for women will be ones with higher breathability and quick-dry ability.

Environmentally conscious and sustainable options are also available now for those who care about our planet. Most of the traditional materials used for women's workout leggings are made of plastic, but more and more brands are now producing eco-friendly fabrics that utilise recycled water bottles and carbon-neutral materials.


Once you’ve found the best sizing fit, check your wishlist for features that complement your workout and lifestyle. Observe your workout habits and schedules to find the best pick with maximised convenience and comfort.

Here are some features that are most sought after for women’s workout leggings:

  • UV protection material: perfect for morning runs and outdoor classes
  • built-in pockets: a functional feature to carry your workout essentials
  • special design seams: an appropriate seam would flatter your body shape and prevent irritation
  • waistbands: pick from high-waist or mid-rise designs that hug your curves

Best yoga leggings often come with a mesh cut-out for better airflow as well. If you are going on night runs outdoors, it wouldn’t harm to invest in a pair of tights with reflective stripes or brighter colours for the sake of safety.

Functionality and Fitness Need

The best yoga leggings aren’t necessarily your most comfortable pair of workout leggings. Make sure you are going after a pair of leggings for sports that suits your workout. Yoga pants tend to be thinner and more flexible than other workout leggings for women. If you are a yoga practitioner who has a calmer pursuit, you may want to go for a softer and more seamless option that gives you the freedom of movement. A good opacity is essential for care-free inverted postures as well.

For fans of weight training and body-building exercises, the priority is to look for something that always stays securely in place. The pair should be breathable and sweat-resistant, thicker with full coverage in all the right places.


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